Review Policy

I thought it best to lay out a clear Review Policy so here goes!

I respond to all offers, whether it’s a good or bad fit.  Barring any major incidents, you will always hear from me within 24 hours of receipt of initial correspondence.

If I decide to work with you on a book, I will feature your book here, Instagram and Twitter.  I write reviews for another online publication also and may choose to feature a book I receive on that platform.  That may be at the same time it’s on my blog, or shortly afterwards.  If this happens, I will inform you and send a link to the review.

I do not commit to reviewing all books I receive (with the exception of pre-arranged blog tours), although I will always feature them on my Social Media in the form of a thank you and acknowledgement.

If we schedule a blog tour, I need at least a week from the date I receive the book to read it and organise my review.  If I do not receive the book in that timeframe, I will do my best to re-arrange dates with you but there is no guarantee this will work out.

Once I have finished reading a book for review I will pass the book onto another blogger or a friend.  I usually keep the books until after the release date but never keep them indefinitely.

I read for pleasure and out of that has come a desire to share my thoughts in the form of book reviews.  And so Girl Meets Book was born.  It is a passion project that I intend to nurture and grow but, like everyone, I have a busy life outside of blogging and reviewing.


For my fellow readers

I guarantee full disclosure and honesty about where books for review have come from and my reviews will only ever reflect my true opinion, whether it be good or bad.  I do not write reviews for books that I found I couldn’t finish, for whatever reason – although there are very few books that have beat me!


If you have any further questions that I haven’t covered above, please do drop me a line via the Contact page above.



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