James and the Bullies, Daisy Learns about Strangers, Holly’s First Day at School – by Sarah, Duchess of York #BlogTour

The Helping Hand stories, written by Sarah, Duchess of York, cover a range of experiences children may have to deal with as they grow up. Each story covers one topic and is designed to be read by both children and parents, perhaps together. For parents, there are also ten helpful hints, written by a leading child psychologist, to help them guide their child positively and sympathetically through each experience.

James is small for his age and some of the older boys at school have taken to pushing him around. At first, James tells no-one as he thinks it is his fault but finally he decides to tell his Mum and together they set about solving the problem. Bullying is one of the most difficult issues children and their parents have to face. James and his Mum show how it can be tackled and overcome.

I was very kindly given three of these books, each of which is a Helping Hand story. James and the Bullies, Holly’s First Day at School and Daisy Learns about Strangers.

Daisy gets bored in a supermarket and wanders off from her Mummy. When she realises she is amongst strangers, she feels very alone and frightened but luckily finds a security guard who soon reunites her with her Mummy. Learning about strangers is a difficult but vital lesson for young children. Daisy’s experience in the supermarket teaches her a valuable lesson.

All of the above-mentioned books are very beautifully illustrated by Amit Tayal.

A small child’s first day at school is a big step forward for both child and parents. For Holly, her worries about not being with her Mummy are soon forgotten as she meets new friends and starts to learn new things.

As you can see, each book has a very important message to share and this is done in a very child-appropriate and encouraging way. They are sympathetic and leave door open for and, in fact, encourage conversation, which is incredibly important.

Nobody likes to think of children being bullied, scared or lonely yet we can’t forget that this is a reality for many children every single day of the week. We must be prepared to listen and engage with children during these times.

One of my favourite parts of each book is a section called “Ten Helpful Hints…”, which is at the very back. Each list of hints is individual to the story within the book and is packed full of really simple and manageable tins. In fact, I think it’s stuff that most people will know but may forget in the moment. The hints will encourage really important conversations between the adult reader and the child, or the child and their parent.

I’m truly honoured to have taken part in this blog tour and have loved exploring these books!

Thank you so much Anne Cater and Sarah, Duchess of York for my beautiful copies of the stories of James, Daisy and Holly.

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