About the book

From the Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author of the Tarabeg series comes a heartbreaking and gripping story of love, loss, family and revenge.

Will Mary Kate get the happy ending she desires, or will the past come back to haunt her?

Mary Kate Malone has come to Liverpool from Ireland to seek her fortune, but things have gone wrong from the start. Now she is living secretly with her lover, Dr Nicholas Marcus, while his wife Lavinia, mother of his two sons, plots revenge on the girl she believes has destroyed her marriage.

When disaster strikes, Mary Kate’s first instinct is to flee to her family in Ireland. But back in Tarabeg, a charismatic American stranger has set the village by the ears and it isn’t the place Mary Kate remembers any more. To add to her problems, Dr Gaskell and Matron from St Angelus Hospital have come to Tarabeg to recruit nurses – and Mary Kate’s Liverpool life is about to come back to haunt her with a vengeance…

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My thoughts

The Velvet Ribbon is a gripping and enchanting finale to the Tarabeg series by Nadine Dorries.

This is not my usual genre, but I made sure to read book one and two before reading The Velvet Ribbon and although I’m glad I did read them, I can confirm that this book can very much be read as a standalone novel.

It is jam-packed with everything one could want from a saga – history, tragedy, drama, mystery, family feuds, community and romance.

I love Nadine’s writing style so much.  Her books are so very enjoyable with great plots and engaging main characters.

There’s plenty of emotion and suspense to keep you going.  The Velvet Ribbon was a slow burner but when it kicked in for me it took over and became very difficult to walk away from.  I do feel it was a good place to complete the saga and a very fitting ending.

Thanks so much to Ed Public Relations for contacting me in relation to this blog tour. I’ve absolutely loved getting lost in these books and I’d encourage to you check out the rest of the reviews too!

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