About the book 

Rebecca is 42, has a beautiful child and a wonderful husband. But she just hasn’t been feeling herself recently.

Rebecca thinks a great night out should involve a packet of Marlboro’s, six double vodkas and snogging a colleague. Not gormlessly drinking a zero-alcohol No-hito while Instagramming a vegan chicken wing.

Rebecca wants to ride on a Harley Davidson, to crowd surf till dawn, then collapse in a heap after swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniels . . . not sit in a soul-destroying meeting surrounded by ‘blue sky thinking’ and men half her age who interrupt all the time.

She’s had enough of commuting to an office that is so cold people have to wear blankets all day. And she can’t help asking herself why her adorable daughter must spend all week in a containment zone for pre-schoolers.

Rebecca wants to feel that there’s MORE coming her way, rather than less.

In short – Rebecca wants out.

But where to?


Turns out I’m Motherwhelmed, lads!  Who knew?  Well, I did actually but I didn’t know the correct word to describe it.  This book is HILARIOUS!

Unrelated to this book is the TV show Catastrophe, which I loved.  But I mention it because I read most of this book with Sharon Horgan’s dulcet tones in my head.  I feel like this is exactly the kind of book the character Sharon would have written.

Grab a copy and grab a copy for your Mummy friends too.  We’re all a little Motherwhelmed, afterall!

What’s not to love about this bit in the acknowledgements?

I’d like to thank all the people who didn’t believe in me and have provided me with the determination to get it done.”

I can get behind that!  I’m so glad she got it done.

Congratulations, Anniki on an absolutely superb book.  Please come back soon with more!

Available to pre-order on Amazon now.  Go, you know you want to!


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Mother of Dragons, rugby coach and eternal dreamer. I love nothing more than being lost down the rabbit hole of books and my Kindle. With a pinch of empowerment, a teaspoon of solitude and the odd G&T I'm not shy of an opinion or letting you know what passions stir my mind! Musings of a binge reader.

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