About the book

Two women from two very different generations are brought together through dramatic circumstances and help each other to forge new paths.

Twenty-six-year-old Erin has everything she’s ever wanted – a good job, a gorgeous fiancé and a best friend who’s always there for her. But suddenly her life comes crashing down around her. Unable to return home to her parents, she takes a room in a house nearby and her life starts over in the most unexpected of ways…

Seventy-six-year-old Lydia, who, shocked by the sudden death of her husband, is devastated to discover that he has left her in crippling debt. With no choice but to take in a lodger, Erin comes into her life. When they find a letter hidden in the attic old secrets come to light and, with Erin by her side, Lydia finds herself going on a trip of a lifetime.

the time of our lives

My thoughts

This is such a feel-good book, and a tale of friendship that is so emotional it is very hard not to connect with it on every level.  As I was reading, I could visualise it on the big screen and would love to see that happen.

Two women from different generations are brought together by things going on in their respective lives and they end up as housemates. They help one another through loneliness and heartbreak, as well as grief.

I found myself very much caught up in the friendship and interactions between the women and how they helped one another through their tough times.

The Time of Our Lives is beautifully written and it is quite easy to get caught up in the story of Erin and Lydia and all of the feelings and emotions this friendship brings about for the women.  I was reminded of my own friendships at times, and how we have helped one another at our most vulnerable times.

This story is proof that no matter your age, new beginnings and change – even those changes that might be forced upon us – can be a powerful blessing. This book showcases this perfectly.

There is so much to love and celebrate about this book and I would highly recommend you give it a read.

Thanks so much to Vicky at Aria for my copy of this book via Netgalley.

About the Author

Abby Williams is the pseudonym for Fiona Ford, writer of romantic up-lit and historical fiction. Fiona started out as a freelance journalist for titles such as Grazia, Sunday Mirror and Stylist before realising her passion lay in novels. Now she spends her days immersed in made-up worlds and reckons she has the very best job in the world. When she’s not writing, Fiona is a gym nut, but only so it means she can eat lots of cake and drink lots of wine – not necessarily in that order. She lives in Berkshire with her husband and two cats who she sometimes thinks she might love just a little bit more than all the humans she knows. The Time of Our Lives is her first romantic novel and she is now busy scribbling away her second.

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