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Melissa Slade had it all: beauty, money, a successful husband and beautiful twin babies. But, in the blink of an eye, her perfect life became a nightmare – when she found herself on trial for the murder of her little girls.


Jonathan Hunt covered the original Slade Babies case for the local newspaper. Now that new evidence has come to light, Jon’s boss wants him back on the story to uncover the truth.

With Melissa’s appeal date looming, time is running out. And, as Jon gets drawn deeper into a case he’d wanted to forget, he starts to question Melissa’s guilt.

Is Melissa manipulating Jon or telling him the truth? Is she a murderer, or the victim of a miscarriage of justice?

And if Melissa Slade is innocent, what really happened to Ellie and Amber Slade?

the guilty mother.png

My thoughts

Did she or didn’t she?  That’s the question I was compelled to ask myself whilst reading this book.  It’s a fabulous psychological thriller that played with my emotions the whole way through, as I worked hard to try to stop myself from guessing about what may or may not have happened – mostly because I knew I’d be wrong.

The Guilty Mother kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time I was reading it, so if you’re after a tantalising nail-biter this is definitely the right book.

I feel this book could have been an extremely complicated and messy story that was hard to follow but Diane Jeffrey managed to sew it all together in such a seamless fashion that it was, in fact, incredibly intriguing and exciting.  That takes serious writing talent.

Thanks so much to Izzy at Harper Collins for my copy of this book in return for an honest review.  It’s a book I’ll definitely be recommending to friends for a while to come.


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