I’m delighted to be able to share an extract from Mummy Needs A Break with you today – the first day of the blog tour!

About the book

A hilarious story of the ups and downs of unexpected single motherhood, the perfect laugh-out-loud romance for fans of Why Mummy Drinks, The Unmumsy Mum and The Not So Perfect Mum.

With a devilish toddler and baby number two on the way, Rachel’s big dream is to one day go to the toilet on her own.  So, she’s surprised to discover that her husband has found the time to have an exciting affair while she’s been bringing up their family.

Suddenly, Rachel is left wrangling with a child who will only eat crackers and a 35-week bump.  She knows even Mumsnet isn’t going to solve this.

What Rachel needs is a handsome, good-with-children, single man.  But she can barely leave the house without a stain on her top and child on her hip.  How on earth can she claim her life back, let alone think about dating?



It was a particularly muggy spring evening when my usually uneventful, comfortably boringly suburban life fell apart. I was eight months pregnant, sweaty, grumpy and was working late. Again.

‘So, tell me a bit about what’s happened.’ I had tucked my phone into the crook of my neck, a pen making an indent in my middle finger as I scribbled on my notepad. Somewhere beyond the door to my makeshift home office in our spare bedroom, I could hear my two-and-a-half-year-old son,
Thomas, pushing a toy truck or car repeatedly into the freshly painted wall of the kitchen.

At least, I hoped it was a car. The way our day was going, it might have been his father’s head.
The woman at the other end of the phone coughed. Could she hear me tapping my pen on my notebook? I eyed the clock: 6.30. My workday was meant to finish at 5 p.m., but the emails from my editor had become increasingly frantic.

If we didn’t want yet another front-page story about the unseasonable weather, I needed to get a quote from this woman about her burgled-for-the-fourth-time-in-a-month clothes store.

Thanks so much to Avon Books for including me in this blog tour and also for giving me such a fab extract to share with you guys!

Mummy Needs A Break is available to purchase now!





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