A baby is snatched from her pram in the garden. She’s never found. Thirty years later her sister, now a mother herself, is brutally killed.

When Anna Crowe is killed in her sleep alongside her children, the quiet local community of Corbally is shocked. It’s also a chilling reminder of when her sister, Janey, disappeared as a baby, twenty nine years ago, never to be seen again.

Detective Iris Locke is assigned to the case and, after a year undercover which ended in failure when her cover got blown, she’s desperate to make her mark – and to live up to the reputation of her ex-cop father, the former head of the Limerick Murder Squad.

Jack Locke ran the investigation into the disappearance of baby Janey. But by reopening the old case, Iris is also reopening old wounds for the team. Can she untangle the dark secrets that lead to one sister vanishing and the other’s death – even if it means digging into the past of someone very close to her?


I love this kind of book but I usually find myself discovering a series 2 or 3 books in, so I’m thrilled to have met Iris Locke at the very start of her journey.

The fact that this book is set in Ireland is a real bonus, for me. I’ve read so many police mysteries and thrillers recently that have been set in Manchester or London but Silent Night has a nice air of familiarity about it by being set in Ireland.

There is no let-up in the fast pace of this book and it is a proper page-turner in the truest sense. This case is about to change the life of Iris Locke and those around her in a forever kind of way and we, the readers, get swept up in it all.  As we say in Ireland, I didn’t “cop on” until things had already happened and I didn’t see any twists or turns coming until I as already in the depths of it and I really love when that happens.  It keeps me engaged.

Silent Night gets two thumbs up from me!

Thanks so much to Netgalley and Bookouture for the uncorrected ARC in return for an honest review.  I’m so happy I got to read it before it hits the shelves on the 23rd of August.

Published by girlmeetsbook

Mother of Dragons, rugby coach and eternal dreamer. I love nothing more than being lost down the rabbit hole of books and my Kindle. With a pinch of empowerment, a teaspoon of solitude and the odd G&T I'm not shy of an opinion or letting you know what passions stir my mind! Musings of a binge reader.

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  1. Oh, this one sounds fantastic. Who doesn’t love a thriller with some genuinely surprising twists? Side note: No idea if you’ve read it, but Michael Scanlon writes a wonderful police procedural series set in Ireland. He’s only two books in at the moment, but the first one’s called Where She Lies. Highly recommended if you didn’t already know about it.


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