Truth or Die by Kat Diamond #BlogTour

Let the games begin…

When Professor Hugh Norris is found brutally murdered at Exeter university, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles turn to the students for answers. Who would target a seemingly innocent man – and why? Someone knows more than they’re letting on – and they’re playing a very sinister game.

A game so dark, it will shake the university to its core…

As another professor is found butchered and the death toll begins to rise, the police have to examine their own pasts to uncover the person behind the killings – before it’s too late.

But are they brave enough to face up to the truth?

The Sunday Times bestseller is back in a twisty new novel, perfect for fans of M.J. Arlidge and Angela Marsons.


I’ve got something exciting, and a little bit different, for you today in the form of an extract from Truth or Die by Kat Diamond.  Buckle in … 

DS Adrian Miles looked at the pink envelope on his desk. He glanced around the room and his partner, DS Imogen, Grey shrugged.

‘Don’t look at me!’

‘Is this a joke?’

‘Someone obviously loves you,’ Imogen said, although it sounded like more of an accusation than anything else.

He opened the card to see a picture of two bears cuddling, and inside, just a question mark.

‘This isn’t funny. Who left this here?’

‘It could be anyone in this place, Adrian, I’ve seen the way the new recruits look at you. If only they knew.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ he said with more indignance than the question probably deserved.

‘Maybe it’s the duty doctor. What’s her name? Dr Hadley? She was in earlier.’

‘We went for one drink, that’s all. We decided not to go out again. I doubt it’s from her,’ he said, not convinced and more than a little uncomfortable getting this information from Imogen. He had been on a date with one of the doctors who worked invariably at the station. She had been their point of call on a couple of cases in the past and she had asked him out for a drink last week. He’d said yes – and in another life he might have been more interested. But the truth was that his friendship with Imogen was getting complicated, and so it felt really odd to be on a date with another woman.

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Thanks so much to Avon Books for providing me with this extract and for the copy of the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed!


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