One Night of Temptation by Darcy Burke

About the book 

Faced with a marriage she can’t abide, Lady Penelope Wakefield takes drastic measures to preserve her freedom. Her brilliant plan is foolproof until a sexy but imperious rector “rescues” her.

Rector Hugh Tarleton has no patience for the Society philanthropists who seek to bestow their pity—and not much else—on his oppressed flock in one of London’s worst neighbourhoods. When the daughter of a marquess is kidnapped and brought to the rookery, he vows to protect her, but the temptation to surrender to their mutual desire will certainly ruin them both.

My thoughts

Okay, this is my first book by this author and I flew through it.  It’s a very short book.  Typically of me, I’ve come in on Book 6 of a series so I’ll have to go read the others now – what a hardship!  NOT!

Due to me coming in at the end, I didn’t know any of the characters and that might have been a help but it definitely didn’t hinder me at all.

Being completely honest, I don’t read too many books in this genre but I’ve made a promise to myself that I’d like to try to read everything that falls into my lap – or onto my Kindle in 2019.

It’s a fun, light regency romance. Hugh is a hottie, Penelope is so cute and if it shows me anything (it showed me LOTS of things but … I digress!) it’s that family doesn’t always have to be the one you’re born into and that’s not a bad thing to come away with at all.

I’ll be reading more from Darcy!

Thanks so much to Darcy Burke Publishing and Netgalley for my copy of this book in return for an honest review.




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