A Random Act of Kindness by Sophie Jenkins #BlogTour

Can one small act change her world?

Fern is too busy making sure other people feel good about themselves to give much thought to her own happiness.  And now, without her noticing, Fern’s life has run away – her vintage clothes business is struggling and the easy-going relationship she’d always thought she loved doesn’t look so appealing.

But when Fern goes out of her way to help 89-year-old Dinah, she has no idea that one moment of kindness could change her life.

Dinah may have troubles in her past, but she’s lived and loved to the full.  Can Dinah show Fern that even the smallest act of kindness can make the world a better place?


I loved this quirky, refreshing read, which is full of fun and warm, fuzzy feelings!  It’s a journey of self-discovery and friendship with some beautiful characters featured.

For me, it was quite easy to close my eyes and visualise all of the fabulous vintage and haute couture clothing mentioned throughout.  The clothing itself was another character in the story, which made the whole reading experience quite special at times.

With a mum who is a former model, it’s very easy to see where Fern’s love of fashion comes from.  It’s just a pity Fern never seemed to meet her mother’s standards – but how could she when those standards were set so impossibly high?

Lost in both a professional and personal sense, Fern could be any of us at different stages of our lives and I think that’s why this book works so well.  It’s a very relatable read.  Well, apart from the very fabulous clothing!  There’s certainly nothing like that in my wardrobe.

I received a copy of this book from the publishers in return for an honest review.  I’d highly recommend this book and I’d encourage you all to go grab a copy.  I’d also recommend catching up with all of the other bloggers featured on this blog tour to see what they have to say.

Thanks so much to Avon Books and Sophie Jenkins for my copy of this book.

Sophie Jenkins is a serial joiner of writing groups and workshops and a prolific short story writer. To encourage her creativity, she regularly enters half-marathons and trains by running from her home in North London to Fortnums for breakfast, with a notepad.

A Random Act of Kindness is available to purchase here








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