the sunday girl by Pip Drysdale #BlogTour Review

The Girl on the Train meets Before I Go to Sleep in this chilling tale of love gone horribly wrong …

“Some love affairs change you forever.  Someone comes into your orbit and swivels you on your axis, like the wind working on a rooftop weather vane.  And when they leave, as the wind always does, you are different; you have a new direction.  And it’s not always north.”

Any woman who’s ever been involved with a bad, bad man and been dumped will understand what it feels like to be broken, broken-hearted and bent on revenge.

Taylor Bishop is hurt, angry and wants to destroy Angus Hollingsworth in the way he destroyed her.  ‘Insidiously.  Irreparably.  Like a puzzle he’d slowly disassembled … stolen a couple of pieces from, and then discarded, knowing that nobody would ever be able to put it back together ever again.’

So Taylor consults The Art of War and makes a plan.  Then she takes the next irrevocable step – one that will change her life forever.

Things start to spiral out of her control – and the sunday girl becomes impossible to put down.

The Sunday Girl Cover .jpg

Trust me when I say, you actually don’t need a review of this book.  The blurb will be enough to grab you and drag you in.  I bet you’d find the cover hard to pass by in a book shop too.

But, I read it and want to shout about it from the rooftops so here we go!

Before I go any further, I do think I should warn you that there are themes of emotional and physical abuse in this book. Revenge porn is also a theme. I found that the author handled the issues in a sympathetic matter whilst not shying away from the reality of them.

The thing with stories of revenge is that we know we shouldn’t love them but we really do, don’t we?  Yet, as human beings I think it’s very normal for us to want the ins and outs of break-ups.

When I first read the blurb I thought oh here we go again, another woman portrayed as the deranged ex.  It’s been done time and time again.  I’m happy to report that Taylor is not that deranged ex I was expecting.  Hers is a very finely balanced revenge and there was no effort required on my part to get on board with her.  I detested Angus with all that I have and I put this down to the theme being so very plausible.

This book shows that when revenge comes from a broken place, it is a very scary thing and not just for the one on the receiving end.  It’s a scary thing for the one dishing it out too.

the sunday girl is an easy to read psychological thriller.  There was no let up in the pace and no amount of guessing on my part helped me to work out what was to come.  The suspense builds very naturally as the story progresses.

It’s a binge worthy read and if I was to give you one piece of advice it would be to settle in and make sure you have no distractions because you will not want to put this one down.

thumbnail_Author Image, c Frank Faller High-res

Pip Drysdale is a writer, actor and musician who grew up in Africa and Australia.  At 20 she moved to New York to study acting, worked in indie films and off-off Broadway theatre, started writing songs and made four records.  After graduating with a BA in English, Pip moved to London where she dated some interesting men and played shows across Europe.  the sunday girl is her first novel and she is working on a second.  She currently lives in Australia.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this author and will be watching out for that second novel.

Thanks so much to Anne Cater for bringing me on board with this blog tour and to Simon & Schuster for the copy of this book.  I feel so thankful to have this fantastic debut novel on my bookshelf!

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

the sunday girl is available to purchase here


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