Envy by Amanda Robson Blog Tour Review

She wants your life – and she’ll do anything to get it…

Erica has always wanted to be exactly like her neighbour, Faye: beautiful, thin, and a mother.  But Faye’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems – she has a terrible secret, and slowly but surely, it is threatening to destroy her and everything she holds dear.

When Faye’s daughter Tamsin goes missing after school, the police turn to Erica. But is Erica the only one who has been enviously watching Faye? Or is there another threat hiding in the shadows…?

envy cover.

I read this in less than a day – no joke!  I was gripped from the first chapter.

It’s unsettling, it’s dark, it’s exciting, it’s absolutely a compulsive read.

I hadn’t read any of Amanda’s books before and when I was offered a place on the Blog Tour I stuck my hand up straightaway.  I just loved the idea of the book and the plot promised an exciting read.  It didn’t disappoint!

As mentioned above, I’m new to Amanda’s unique writing style.  It worked for me but I can understand why there may be some frustration from a readers point of view.  I’ve read other books quite recently, written in a similar style, and rather than getting frustrated by it, I’ve found it quite exciting.

The story is told through 4 people’s points of view.  It’s a book with short chapters that grip the reader.   There are secrets and there is intrigue in each of these chapters.

If you haven’t guessed by now – I’m suggesting you go read it.

I would not like to be friends with ANY of the characters, which – for me – is the sign of really great character writing by the author.  If I knew any of these people you can be guaranteed I’d want to be a fly on the wall of their lives – but from a safe distance!

Thanks, as ever, to Avon Books for including me on this Blog Tour.  I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Happy Reading!



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